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National Blood Foundation     The National Blood Foundation (NBF), established in 1983, has a history of supporting research and education that advances transfusion medicine and blood banking to benefit both patients and donors. Funds are raised annually from corporations, blood centers, foundations, and individuals by NBF for the National Blood Foundation Research and Education Trust Fund (NBFRET) and NBF. NBF and NBFRET, which are 501(c)(3) organizations, provide grants for scientific research in the fields of transfusion medicine and blood banking and support education initiatives that benefit the transfusion medicine community.   National Blood Foundation Tax ID #36-2384118 8101 Glenbrook Road Bethesda, MD 20814-2749 Phone +1.301.215.6552 Fax +1.301.907.6895 Email:      Mission   The mission of NBF is to advance transfusion medicine and cellular and related biological therapies by funding scientific research that benefits patients and donors.     Grants Programs Apply for an NBF Scientific Research Grant (Grant cycle 2008) Opportunities to Partner with the National Blood Foundation 2008 NBF Board of Trustees NBF Staff NBF Contributions for 2007 Donations   Scientific Research Grants Program   Since 1985, the National Blood Foundation (NBF) has awarded $5 million in grants to 145 scientific researchers.   The important focus of research is transfusion medicine, to include aspects of immunology, hematology, tissue and transplantation medicine, cellular therapies and related biological therapies, emerging infectious disease, immunohematology, donor health and recruitment and retention, and implementation of technological devices.   Priority is given to new investigators and innovative projects with the potential to have a practical impact on patients and donors in transfusion medicine. Important areas of research for... Devamı

From Checklist to Commendable Practices: The Progression of the

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By Tanya BrownAABB Staff Writer   Events can oftentimes dictate change.   That is what happened in the mid-1990s, when heightened concern for blood safety — primarily caused by the AIDS epidemic — turned AABB’s inspection and accreditation program on its ear, prompting the association to revamp the entire program.   Although there were stumbling blocks and naysayers, the restructuring did more than mix things up. It made AABB an innovator in quality assurance and put new eyes on assessors, requiring them to depend less on checklists and look more at the processes used to meet the standards.   “It was a good thing that happened. Accreditation changed for the better,” said Susan Wilkinson, EdD, associate director and associate professor with Hoxworth Blood Center at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, and former AABB president who worked with the committee to develop the quality components. Wilkinson became an assessor after her presidency and after serving several years on the AABB Board of Directors. She has been assessing facilities for 10 years and clearly remembers the upheaval caused by the changes.   “People began to question what it all meant. Facilities were being held to a different standard that focused on quality assurance and processes,” she said. “It was hard for people to understand how to apply quality system essentials in all processes of transfusion medicine, cellular therapy and other areas. Getting through that transition stage was difficult.”   The accreditation reform era began around 1995, when the Food and Drug Administration released its guidelines for quality assurance in blood establishments. It was then that AABB established the Technical Quality Assurance Committee, which produced the AABB Quality Plan and developed educational materials to help members comply with FDA guidelines.   It also was during that time ... Devamı


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Scientists' protest discouraged10.05.2008, 00:01:20Scientists are being discouraged from attending Parliament to show their support for proposed embryology and fertility legislation. Depressed fathers 'hit learning'10.05.2008, 07:23:51Depressed fathers may hinder their child's language development, US research suggests. Promises made over NHS overhaul08.05.2008, 23:02:03Ministers have sought to allay fears over the forthcoming overhaul of the NHS in England. Early baby survival 'unchanged'09.05.2008, 13:26:11Babies born at 23 weeks or earlier are no more likely to survive than they were a decade ago, a study finds. HIV funding priority shift call09.05.2008, 09:16:41Funding for HIV prevention is being wasted on strategies which have little impact, say US researchers. Jab urged after diphtheria death08.05.2008, 15:18:53Infectious disease experts have warned parents to check their children are vaccinated after suspected death from diphtheria. Half city's youth 'take cocaine'09.05.2008, 13:17:57More than 50% of young people in Liverpool admit to having taken cocaine, a new report claims. Trial tests lung cancer screening08.05.2008, 11:21:45Smokers with a severe lung condition are tested to assess who is at greatest risk of lung cancer. MRSA 'cut by stopping injections'08.05.2008, 16:34:17A hospital trust claims to have eliminated MRSA bloodstream infections by cutting intravenous injections. ... Devamı


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Decades of details flood woman with unmatched memory08.05.2008, 02:43:01Jill Price, 42, can recall in vivid detail every day of her life since age 14, and many earlier days, too. The Woman Who Can't ... Group asks U.S. to pull birth-control patch from market08.05.2008, 17:03:22A consumer advocacy group petitioned the U.S. government Thursday to pull the birth-control patch off the market, calling it ... NYC to prep potential organ donors before getting consent07.05.2008, 23:42:54New York City officials plan within months to dispatch the nation's first ambulance equipped to preserve bodies of the newly ... Q&A: How would 'rapid organ recovery' work?07.05.2008, 22:43:41New York City is considering a pilot project that would create the first ambulance in the USA to recover bodies of the newly ... Chantix recommended as anti-smoking drug despite risks07.05.2008, 23:11:58The federal government's new advice to doctors for helping smokers quit recommends the drug Chantix, which has recently been ... Irregular sleeping linked to obesity, smoking07.05.2008, 19:55:36People who sleep fewer than six hours a night or more than nine are more likely to be obese, according to a new government ... Britain to raise cannabis penalties, citing health threat07.05.2008, 19:49:33Britain's home secretary said Wednesday she plans to increase punishments for the use of marijuana, increasing the maximum prison ... Crest rinse fights off customer complaints07.05.2008, 19:30:17Crest Pro-Health Rinse hit the market three years ago as an alcohol-free mouthwash that not only freshens breath but fights oral ... China steps up fight against virus sickening children07.05.2008, 20:04:24China announced Wednesday new rules that require health care providers to report all cases of a viral illness that has killed ... ... Devamı


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Why Men Should Worry About Bone Loss05.05.2008, 16:00:00Male osteoporosis is on the rise. Here's how to gauge your chances of developing the disease. Five Things New Parents Need To Know03.05.2008, 09:01:00Many new parents don't know much about when their babies should be hitting important milestones. Here are the basics. Top Diet Tips As You Age28.04.2008, 16:00:00Growing old doesn't have to mean growing your waistline. America's Junk Food-Obsessed Cities28.04.2008, 14:00:00Shoppers in these 20 spots most enjoy cookies, chips and other sinful snacks. Sponsor's Content: The Bottom Line on SustainabilityResearch indicates a clear connection between a company???s sustainability practices and the price of its shares. What???s not so apparent is whether it???s just a feel-good idea or actually good for cash flow. How Healthy Can You Get On Diet Alone?23.04.2008, 22:00:00Eating right is one element of good health, but it can't be the only one... Devamı


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