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Holding Firm as Taper-Talk Creeps Back to Fore by Peter A. Grant October 21, AM (from -- Gold remains narrowly confined. While last week's post-can-kick gains have been sustained, the yellow metal hasn't been able to extend higher thus far. With the latest government shutdown and debt-ceiling crisis already fading into memory — and the next one now months away — talk of Fed tapering is once again creeping back to the fore. However, Fed tapering seems even less likely now than it did back in September. The Fed has always said that tapering would be based on the economic data. I didn't see anything in the data leading up to the September FOMC meeting that was remotely sufficient to warrant a taper. The government shutdown took additional wind out of an already flagging economy. Chicago Fed dove Charles Evans doesn't believe that an October taper is appropriate for that very reason. This is a sentiment shared by The Wall Street Journal's FedWatcher Jon Hilsenrath. Additionally, Evans believes a December taper would be difficult because the next U.S. fiscal crisis will be right around the corner at that point. The fact that Janet Yellen will be taking over as the new Fed chairperson early next year is yet another reason not to taper any time soon. After all, Yellen is arguably more dovish than Ben Bernanke. Additionally, a Bloomberg article this morning points out that foreign demand for U.S. debt has dropped in recent months to levels not seen since 2001. Demand for Treasuries was negatively impacted by the recent debt ceiling crisis. With another crisis queued up for early-February, foreign demand for bonds is likely to remain tepid. If foreigners are not buying our debt, who do you suppose will step up to fill the demand void? The answer of course is the Fed. In fact, if foreign demand for Treasuries remains weak and so does the U.S. economy, a Yellen Fed may look to increas... Devamı


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UK to review how airports are run22.04.2008, 12:30:35The government will review the economic regulation of the UK's airport system amid calls for it to be shaken up. Oil at record on supply worries22.04.2008, 18:18:24Oil prices hit new highs in London and New York amid worries about supply disruptions in Nigeria. US house prices continue to fall22.04.2008, 17:48:49Sales of existing homes in the US fell by 2% in March, industry figures show, as the housing market struggles. Euro scales $1.60 for first time22.04.2008, 17:57:28The euro trades above $1.60 for the first time since the single currency's inception in 1999. US hunger for McDonald's slowing22.04.2008, 17:46:30Fast-food group McDonald's posts upbeat quarterly results, despite weakening US sales. Airbus raises prices of aircraft22.04.2008, 14:42:46Airbus is raising the prices for its aircraft, blaming metals prices and the weakness of the US dollar. Budget users rein in China Mobile22.04.2008, 14:22:46China Mobile's profits rise but revenue per user slips as the firm expands in less affluent rural areas. Homeowners to get 'mortgage help'22.04.2008, 17:13:35Homeowners will have enough support to ensure that their homes are not repossessed, the government says. China shares down 50% from peak22.04.2008, 06:07:15The Shanghai Composite Index falls more than 3% to take it to 50% below the peak reached in October 2007. ... Devamı


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Polygamy Sect Kids Must Stay in Custody19.04.2008, 06:11:17Judge orders DNA tests for mothers and fathers. Air Force One Info Allegedly Sent to Russia19.04.2008, 05:46:18Northrup Grumman to pay $15M for alleged 1998 export of navigation system code. Pope Benedict XVI working to clean up priesthood19.04.2008, 11:21:42Pope seeks to purify priesthood; top aide says rules could change on abuse cases Polygamous-sect children ordered to stay in Texas custody19.04.2008, 12:51:23Children from polygamous sect ordered to stay in Texas custody, undergo genetic testing Obama Twists McCain on Economy19.04.2008, 04:40:04Hits McCain for comments about the economy under Bush. Heiress Wife Is Source of McCain's 'Secret' Millions18.04.2008, 22:47:31McCain's Senate disclosures show Cindy's impressive wealth, off-limits to John. After Air Troubles, FAA Inspects Itself19.04.2008, 03:09:14DOT says there is no place for turning a blind eye to safety in the skies. Eurostench? Mystery Stink Swamps London19.04.2008, 01:44:29U.K. media blames France, but meterologists say French not responsible. Cheerleader Death Fuels Safety Debate19.04.2008, 02:03:52As a team grieves, experts point to a growing injury rate among cheerleaders. ... Devamı


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EU tightens anti-terrorism laws18.04.2008, 17:12:36European Union justice ministers agree that inciting terrorism through the internet should be a crime. France to double food aid budget18.04.2008, 14:50:00France doubles its emergency food aid for poor countries amid sharply rising prices, says President Sarkozy. Bomb kills Dutch commander's son18.04.2008, 10:21:17The son of the new Dutch armed forces commander is killed by a roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan. EU push to widen US visa waiver18.04.2008, 12:33:00The European Commission is to negotiate terms for visa-free travel to the US for all EU states. Euro 2008 measles risk18.04.2008, 00:27:36Football supporters travelling to Euro 2008 may be at risk of catching measles, health officials have warned. Airline U-turn on £4 US tickets18.04.2008, 13:23:34Aer Lingus agrees to honour £4 flights to the US that it mistakenly sold to about 100 customers. Bloody items in Jersey cellars18.04.2008, 16:34:12Police in Jersey find blood-stained items in cellars at the former children's home at the centre of child abuse claims. German wholesale prices pick up18.04.2008, 10:00:45German wholesale prices rise at their quickest annual rate since December 2006, fuelling inflation fears. Uefa gives refs Euro 2008 orders17.04.2008, 16:00:04Uefa tells referees for Euro 2008 to clamp down on dissent in a six-point list of bad behaviour to combat. ... Devamı